Crystal Shirk is a Certified Athletic Trainer and Manager of her staff in her 11th year with Charles D Owen high school and Southeastern Sports Medicine and Pardee Sports Medicine. Over the years, her work has truly become family.  This made it hard when she had to bring to the attention of her family and coworkers (who truly are her family as well) that she was diagnosed with breast Cancer on her birthday at the age of 38.  While many take time off of work and extended leaves during a time like this, Crystal found that being surrounded by her family everyday was more comforting and kept her mind busy.  She also refused to quit the one thing she loved as a hobby… that was running. While she did slow down, and did have help at times, she continued working, running, and racing throughout chemo and radiation, only stopping a few weeks after surgery.

She has felt a peace from God throughout the process with the prayers and support from so many and hopes to find ways to pay it forward to another person in need.  At this time she has completed treatments and is told that the cancer is gone (Praise God)!

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