Millie Adams was a star basketball player and top scholar at Fred. T. Foard High School. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Lenoir-Rhyne College and began a long and distinguished career in education, teaching at Alexander Central High School for 39 years. During her career at ACHS, Millie chaired the English Department, served on numerous school and system committees, oversaw the mentoring of new teachers, and taught AP Senior English. As a result of her outstanding work in and out of the classroom, she received many recognitions, including ACHS yearbook dedication, ACHS Teacher of the Year, Alexander County Teacher of the Year, North Carolina Teacher Academy instructor, National Boards Certification, and the Alexander County Schools Award of Honor.


A list of accomplishments does not even begin to tell the story of Millie Adams.  Her caring and outgoing personality touched the lives of everyone that she came into contact with.  Almost 40 years of graduates from Alexander Central will tell you how Mrs. Adams helped them become a better person and inspired them.  Her care had no boundaries, she loved the academically challenged as much as she did the academically gifted.  She was a true inspiration to all of her peers and helped many young teachers see the importance of their work.


While still teaching at Alexander Central Millie Adams was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She continued to teach with the same energy and commitment as she fought and won her first battle with cancer.  After retiring she and her husband, CB, enjoyed traveling together and enjoying her well-deserved retirement.  Unfortunately, it would not be long before her cancer returned.  This time in her pancreas and it soon spread to other organs.  Even after her diagnosis she remained active in the area and in the school community.  She and CB would go out dancing when she felt up to it and she fought very hard to the very end.  She lost her battle on April 20, 2015.  She inspired so many young people in her classroom and she continued to inspire us all with the grace that she lived to her last days.  Every year at our school district opening session we invite people from the community to speak.  Every year, without fail, the speaker mentions Millie Adams and the impact that she had on their life.  She is a hero to every student that she taught and to every teacher in our community.  It is our honor to name her our hero for the Coaches vs. Cancer Shootout.



Ron left Alexander Central to become the head football coach at Bunker Hill High School.  After three years, he returned to ACHS, much to the excitement of his co-workers and administration.  One will discover that it is nearly impossible to be near Ron Turner without smiling and laughing.  He has a way of turning any situation from negative to positive and does not give up.  He left Alexander Central again to coach at Hickory High School and at Patton High School, but he felt the desire to serve as head coach again.  For years, Ron felt that Wilkes Central would be an awesome place to coach, and he saw the opportunity.

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