Susan Sibbach is a teacher at Triton High School. This will be her thirteenth year teaching at THS. Her daughter Jozy graduated from Triton in 2007 and her son Levi graduated from Triton in 2010. One of her greatest joys in life was being able to be a part of her own children’s education. Miss Sibbach grew up in the Poconos of Pennsylvania and moved to North Carolina after she graduated high school. She is engaged to Steve Winters who has been there for her through everything! Miss Sibbach looks forward to when they marry next year. Susan has said, “Without Jozy, Levi and Steve to support me through my cancer, I do not know what I would have done, I used their strength to help me beat cancer!”

She was a stay at home mom until her divorce, and went to school to become a teacher. Since she was a little girl, she always knew in heart she wanted to be a teacher. The first year she taught was at WHHS, but she transferred to Triton her second year where she has been since. She teaches eleventh and twelfth grade English and does the yearbook. Miss Sibbach runs the after school program, heads the Friends Fighting Cancer fundraiser wearing jeans, among other things at school.

In 2012 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer she saw how big her family truly was, and was humbled by it. The first pink out game was done that year and the game ball was signed and given to her. The out pouring of love and support from the students, staff and community gave her the strength to get through a very difficult time. Miss Sibbach has always been there for her school and students, and she was in awe of how they were there for her in return.

She believes that when you teach a child, you change his or her future. How many jobs allow you to make that statement? It is the most uplifting and wonderful feeling to know that you made a difference. It might seem like just a lesson in English when you are in the classroom, but Miss Sibbach knows that life lessons are taught and learned every day.

Susan wants her students to know that she truly cares about what happens to them in her classroom today, and what will happen to them in their life tomorrow. Everyone can succeed, if they have someone who truly believes.

One of her favorite quotes is from Zora Neale Hurston, “You got to go there, to know there.” She thinks that if you take this quote to heart you will understand that: “If we want to truly teach our students and connect with them, we have to understand where they have come from, remember that we were young once, we made mistakes, we acted the fool and we turned out just fine!”

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